"Lets say im very very very happy I found Greenlinks.io, lol."

By Sarah, a Youtuber that focuses on travel content

Tell us a little about yourself.

My names Sarah I have a youtube channel where I share info about travel and deals. I love helping people learn more about different travel locations, the best deals, what websites and times work best for travel and just any engaging beneficial content around travel.

What made you try Greenlinks.io?

Well I had never heard about greenlinks.io until one of your content strategist reached out to me and said they think my channel would be perfect to try monetizing some of the free content I share. I was a lil hesitant at first because theres always people sending me stuff but the idea he layed out was pretty cool and I thought the concept of greenlinks was creative and there was money involved, lol.

How do use Greenlinks.io?

So I partner every now and again with a travel site to get deals off specific travel locations. Prior to greenlinks I would just share that deal link for free and my followers would sign up and many would save hundreds of dollars off of their travel packages. Because I didn’t want to just start charging for something I was giving away free before and have my followers go crazy. I created two deals one that would save my followers a larger amount on their travel package and a lesser package that would save half that amount. We used Greenlinks to create a paid url to charge 1.00 for access to the deal that would save a larger amount which lasted only 24 hours and we shared the lesser deal for free. I was nervous when I went live with it but soon after I was in shock. I have about 50k followers and I know there’s tons more that view my content but aren’t official followers and within the first 6 hours I had 10k visitors to the link and 4k had paid the 1.00 to get access to the premium deal with the greenlinks.io paid urls. I was totally in shock, that’s the most I had ever made in such a short time frame. So ever since then ive been using greenlinks to monetize different exclusive or special content I release. Lets say im very very very happy I found greenlinks.io, lol.

How much money have you made with Greenlinks.io?

Well to this date, ive made 13k+ and ive been using greenlinks for about 4 months. Its crazy to think I was giving away so much valuable info for free and could have been making money off of it. I don’t want to be greedy but 1.00 dollar isn’t a lot to share info that could save 200,300, 500+ dollars off a travel package. My followers haven’t complained, which is what I was most worried about. Thanks Greenlinks, XOXOXO